Art & Décor

Salar Rana´s interest in photography started in 2008 and since then what started as a hobby, turned into a passion. "It´s an escape from the daily routine and an opportunity to see the beauty that surrounds us everyday but goes unnoticed. To me, a good photo doesn´t have to be complicated nor does it have to be of the obvious. If taken well, with the right setup and sometimes luck, you can make the ordinary into something extraordinary."  Salar says.

Salar´s specialties include urban and abstract photography. His latest project is called Aqua and we have 3 special edition pieces from the this collection that you can purchase here exclusively at Athena.

We asked Salar what inspired his Aqua collection and this is what we found:
"I’ve always appreciated water because of the contrasting emotions it brings out of people. On the one hand we are cautious and fearful and the other hand we love the natural beauty and purity that water represents. Capturing these emotions has been the focus of my Aqua collection." All photos in this collection were taken in a natural setting with no staging. I felt this was important because water is a subject matter that requires little manipulation due to its shear magnificence."